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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for October 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tsyklon Labs Outreach for October 2015.

With Knobcon in the rear-view mirror (literally, as it was a road trip), we have been busily assembling our first batch of 1U PLITKA tile modules. We have the following models available for sale: DISPRS (passive 4-way multiple), DIOD OR (passive 3 in/1 out Diode Logical OR), SIPHON A (passive logarithmic attenuator), SIPHON B (passive linear attenuator), and PLITKA 1 (1U 6HP black acrylic blind panel). Get your hands on them here:

The panel designs for the BTN MASHR, TRACE, and trLOGIC 1U PLITKA modules have been confirmed against the PCBs, so we are excited to start rolling them out towards the end of October. Plus, we will be uploading the build files as the modules are released, so that you can make your own if you are into DIY Synthiness.

We have the parts on hand and have started to build the first batch of CORE (passive transformer DI Eurorack module). The nice thing about building a batch of modules is that we will be able to document the build process in order to build thorough documentation for our kits. We will have pre-orders available in the webstore next week to start shipping at the end of October.

We had some great feedback on our Chaos Divider and Belka and Strelka modules at Knobcon and have decided to stagger the release of these module so that we can release the Chaos Divider and the Chaos Divider Sputnik into the wild first – then get the Belka and Strelka Fuzz module ready for release before the end of the year.

And finally, thanks to a manufacturing flub-up, we have a PILE of BAMBUK Bamboo blind panels available at half of their normal price. Instead of the grain running vertically on the panel, it runs across. They are still nice and strong, but have a little more give than the normal build. We have a variety of sizes in stock (from 2HP to 12HP), so buy them up!

Thanks again for your continued interest!

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