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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for November 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tsyklon Labs Outreach for November 2015.

Since October’s update, all of our assembled TRACE oscilloscope modules have sold out and we only have two assembled BTN MASHR modules left. But don’t worry, we will be building more. We have a handful of kits of many of our 1U PLITKA tile modules as well as some kit and PCB only options for our ENERGIYA 1U Power Distribution boards. Regarding the PLITKA series, we have been working on build documents and assembling all of the build files to post online.

The first batch of CORE Eurorack modules are built and we have been setting up our screens for the last step – printing the front panels!

On the Chaos Divider and Belka & Strelka front, there are a few circuit improvements that we are putting through their paces and then ordering PCBs. Still shooting for the end of the year.

As always, many thanks for your continued interest!

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