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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for January 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tsyklon Labs Outreach for January 2016.

First, apologies for not sending an update last month, but there really wasn’t much to report on. We have been working like crazy to make the Chaos Divider a reality and we are proud to announce that the time has finally come for ordering!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, January 9, 2016 at high noon USA Eastern Standard Time, we will have Chaos Dividers and CD Sputniks available for pre-order. We are going to build 2 batches of 25 units each (for a total of 50 units). Below is a list of how we are scheduling the release:
– (5) Chaos Dividers with CD Sputniks in special packaging for $430USD for each pair
These will ship by the last week of February 2016

– (10) Chaos Dividers for the early bird price of $390USD
– (5) CD Sputniks for the early bird price of $60USD
These will ship the first week of March 2016

– (10) Chaos Dividers for the regular price of $400USD
– (5) CD Sputniks for the regular price of $80USD
These will ship by the third week of March 2016

Once these units have been built, tested, and shipped, we will be able to announce the timing on the second batch. Kits consisting of Panels, PCBs, and special parts (Programmed Micro-controller, Tested IN-17 Nixie Tube, Tested KM155ID1 Nixie Driver, and a few other special parts) will be available at that time as well. When the kits are released, we will also be releasing the source code for the Chaos Divider.

If you are interested in purchasing a Chaos Divider or CD Sputnik, ordering information will be posted here tomorrow:

Speaking of documentation, almost everything for the PLITKA modules has been posted. About the only document that remains to be completed is the build manual for the TRLOGIC Digital Input expanders for the TRACE oscilloscope module. We are also close to finishing the basic user manual for the Chaos Divider as well.

Much more to come this year, but for now know that the BELKA and STRELKA Eurorack Fuzz module is next up followed by a couple of pedals and a PLITKA version of the Chaos Divider (no, really). Many thanks for your patience, this is going to be a lot of fun!

As always, many thanks for your continued interest!

<end of transmission>