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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for July 2016

Happy July, everyone! It has been a couple of months since the last email update, so there is a lot of catch up on – but we will keep it short.

The Chaos Divider HV is available and has been selling. We sent a pair of CD HVs and CD Sputniks to Perfect Circuit Audio, so they are available there. There will only be 25 standard Chaos Divider HDs made and 10 of them are with their new owners. The last batch of front panels were not up to our quality specifications, so they are being re-made. This will delay availability of the last 15 until late August. If you would prefer to build your own, kits for the CD HV and CD Sputnik are available at Modular Addict in the USA and Thonk in the UK.

In conjunction with Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine, we are also releasing a limited run of 10 Chaos Divider HVs called the “Sacrament Edition” to christen our joint venture “Sacrament Instruments and Effects.” The Sacrament Edition consists of the Chaos Divider HV, the CD Sputnik, and a new 4HP Expander – the CD Sacrament. All three modules have matte black front panels with gloss black printing. The CD Sacrament moves the output voltage adjustment trimpots to the front panel. There will be only ten of these, and seven have been spoken for. If you are interested in purchasing one, send us an email. More information here:

KOSMODROM Chaos Divider HV – Sacrament Edition

The Belka and Strelka is finally alive! We have investigated and tested many different VCA circuits to get the Gain Stage CV control to behave how we want and we are ready to order what we are expecting will be the last round prototype circuit boards. If that works as intended, we will have a working module at Knobcon. Which means that we should have modules and kits available this fall.

COMRADE Modules:
We have some new modules that will be DIY friendly, through-hole component modules. In fact, COMRADEs will only be available as kits. From basic utilities, to harmonic generators (OK, overdrive), to more clock modulators, they will be lots of fun for beginners and fill some needs in your rack.

PLITKA Modules:
Still working through testing the drive circuitry for the LAIKA overdrive. We expect to have a module at Knobcon as well.

We are also hard at work with the Pollex 1U joystick as well. Fingers crossed for a Knobcon unveiling.

We’ll keep it short this time with more news on Stardog Pedals next month. As always, thank you very much for your support. Spasibo!

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