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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for September 2016

Happy September, everyone! I somehow managed to completely lose track of August between building Sacrament Chaos Dividers, Belka and Strelka prototypes, and getting ready for Knobcon. So here’s the update:

Chaos Divider – Due to some component changes in the CD Sacrament Expander, I am re-ordering PCBs and ordering the production run of front panels this weekend. After some longer lead times on components, the parts are here and building has been ongoing. Safe to say that shipping by end of September is a reasonable plan. There are still two more spots available in the reservation list. The last 15 Standard Chaos Divider HVs will also be ready to go in small batches over the next couple of months as well.

Belka and Strelka – We built the most recent set of prototype PCBs and there is an issue with one gain stage and one of the VCA circuits, so it will need to be set aside until after Knobcon, but it is very exciting to be this close.

COMRADE Modules:
We have a couple to show off for Knobcon – the MLDAOUR (pronounced Modular) is a 4HP attenuverter/offset/halfwave/fullwave rectifier module. The Disprs2 is a 2HP 2×3 or 1×6 passive multiple. Lastly, the Trace TS (Trans-Siberia, because, it’s bigger than the 1U Trace) is an 8HP oscilloscope module. It has all of the same features as the 1U Trace, but with a few extra features. In fact, there is a Trace TS in the door prize raffle for the Golden Knob Banquet at Knobcon 5. More info on the name MLDAOUR here:
Horizontal Pitch – Modular Spam Sandwich Anyone?

Stardog Pedals:
Yep, still working on these. I have come to fully embrace Hofstadter’s Law:
“It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.”

Other Stuff:
We have ordered production PCBs for our DIY Eurorack Cable Tester. They should arrive in time to be available at Knobcon. More details next month.

<end of transmission>