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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for November 2016

Happy November, Comrades! Lots of things to go over, ready-set-go!

Sacrament Edition Chaos Divider HVs have begun shipping. There is still one more available – let us know if you are interested.

Now that the Sacrament CD is shipping, we are working on wrapping up the Belka and Strelka. This is turning out to be a “We can make it better, so just one more revision to the PCBs” project situation – but that will be done soon. Just ordered the parts for this revision, so here’s to getting this module shipping as well.

We are providing a 12vdc wall wart to Eurorack power adapter with the Sacrament Edition Chaos Divider HVs and will be ordering the circuit boards to make these available for anyone that has a Chaos Divider HV and does not want to power it from their Modular power system.

Speaking of the Standard Chaos Divider HV modules. We are expecting our panel maker to have the long awaited batch of front panels completed this week. We have two CD HVs heading to Perfect Circuit Audio in CA and we will stock some at as well. There are about 10 that are not spoken for, so if you want one, this will be the last batch that will be made. For those of you waiting on replacement front panels, they will ship as soon as we have them in hand as well.

COMRADE Modules:
There are a couple of small improvements that we want to do after getting some feedback from beta testers, so it looks like we are still on target to have them available early next year.

The production prototype PCBs for v2 are good, so we will be ordering production PCBs this weekend. If lead times work out the way they usually do, we are shooting to have these ready to go in early December.

Other Products and Stock Notices:
Thonk in the UK is now stocking CD Sputnik kits. Synthrotek will have the last few Chaos Divider HV kits and some CD Sputnik kits as well. Synthrotek will have the Eurorack Cable tester PCBs in stock as well. Modular Addict will also be stocking the Eurorack Cable tester PCBs.

Also, we are working with SynthPatcher to get our “Yuri and the StarDogs” artwork from our website’s home page converted into softwear – more news soon.

Keep on wiggling, Comrades!

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