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Tsyklon Labs Outreach for December 2016

Happy December, Comrades!

Is everyone ready for a visit from Ded Moroz? (Grandfather Frost)

We’re going to keep things even shorter as everyone is busy with the approaching holidays.

We are down to the last ten Chaos Dividers and the last Sacrament Edition Chaos Divider. So in celebration of the holidays, we are going to do free shipping on the Either version of the Chaos Divider – yeah, anywhere. Just go to

And add one (or more) to your cart and we’ll cover the shipping. This offer is good until the end of 2016 – midnight on December 31, EST.

COMRADE Modules:
First round of production PCBs and Panels have been ordered, so we will start rolling them out in January – if history repeats itself on how quickly we get our orders from the PCB Fab Shop.

PLITKA Modules:
We have received the PCBs and Front Panels for the rev2 PLITKA modules and have been putting together the kits and updating the Build Documentation. Expect that we will have these ready to roll out with the new store.

Speaking of the new store – there will be a new storefront starting January 1, 2017 – we’ll let you know when it’s live!

That’s all for now – as always, thank you for all of your support in 2016. So many fun things on the horizon for 2017.

Keep on wiggling (pokachivaniye), Comrades!

<end of transmission>