BELKA and STRELKA Eurorack Germanium Fuzz Module

Start with CV control over two stages of gain powered by Russian Germanium transistors. Dose the circuit with 4 different types of diode clipping. Top it off with a power starve pushbutton, a feedback circuit, and a squirrelly transistor derezzing circuit. Take all of these components, give them three orbits around a dying star, and you have our fuzz singularity, the BELKA and STRELKA:

Tsyklon Labs BELKA and STRELKA Eurorack Module

Named after the first two Stardogs to fly into space and return safely to earth, BELKA and STRELKA is a Germanium Fuzz module with selectable clipping modes and CV control over Gain Stages 1 and 2. BELKA and STRELKA features NOS Russian Germanium transistors in the gain stages and NOS Russian Germanium and Silicon diodes for clipping. The clipping section also features hard and soft LED clipping as well as a purposefully mis-biased transistor that sounds so squirrelly that we had no choice but to name it after the Stardog Belka (squirrel in Russian). The BELKA and STRELKA fuzz module also has an adjustable feedback function that blends a portion of the output straight back to the input of the module. Lastly, the Starve pushbutton, when pressed, disconnects the first gain stage from the +12VDC supply and lets it fizzle out as the charge on the starve capacitor discharges.

Technical Specifications:
– 129.4mm (5.095″) Front Panel Height (3U Eurorack format)
– 8HP Module Width
– TBD Module Depth
– Power Consumption: +12V = TBD, -12V = TBD, +5V = 0mA

Front panel graphics were designed by the inimitable Hannes Pasqualini @ Papernoise

After building our first set of prototypes and reviewing them at our test facilities, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of this module until later this year. It is so very close, yet we know we can make it much better.

Click HERE to see the BELKA and STRELKA module at MODULARGrid and add it to your rack!