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2015 is going to be something else

And what do I mean by that? More music, more hardware, and hardware customization services. I have spent the last 18 months assembling and building (quite literally, one resistor and capacitor at a time) a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer. I will be releasing some music using that. Also, Tsyklon Labs will be venturing into musical hardware with a new line of guitar pedals, Eurorack modules, and a couple of Colour circuits. Hang on tight, it’s gonna be a fun year!
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Fascination Street – Work In Progress

I hesitate to even call this a rough mix as it’s not really even mixed (notice the big, smooshy, midrangey mess of 8 guitar tracks smeared across the stereo spectrum). the vocals are bone dry, so it won’t sound any more like me at any point in the process – from here on out i’ll be tweaking a few missed notes among eq-ing some heft to it. all the vocals are doubled, which means i sang everything twice and somehow managed to do it in time and tune with the first pass – it’s not a special effect of any kind. The first synth sound you hear at the start is my old vic 20 🙂 the left-right bouncy part in the verse is two gate guitar tracks, not a synth. Enjoy!
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Fascination Street – not even close to mixed yet by Tsyklon

Current Projects for October 2012

There are a few things brewing at Tsyklon Labs this month. First up, we have the Fall 2012 Song (yeah, may as well just tell you) – Fascination Street by The Cure. Sort of taking the version on their Mixed Up album and going a little crazy with that. Also working on a cover of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Same feel as the original, but with a different arrangement (including an Irish Tenor Banjo). Also, Laika and the Sputniks are working on a new Christmas Cassingle for 2012. Stay tuned!
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New Remixes Underway

I’ve been invited to collaborate on a couple of remixes and I’m excited to stretch my Ableton Live muscles a little more. More details to follow soon!
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New Stuff Underway

OK, so the song is at Mastering and should have it back next week! Working on the Fall 2012 Song (take a perfectly good Cure song, pile on some Trent Reznor piano, some Skrillex bass and some Munky guitars and run over all of it with a snow blower) as well as some original soundtrack type stuff work too. Laika also has a new Christmas song, so things at Tsyklon Labs are getting busy!
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So much going on!

We find ourselves at the end of July and WTF is my Summer 2012 song? Eh, working on it? There are three tracks that I want to improve upon this morning and then that should do it. Off to mastering, so fingers crossed for this week. Also working on the first original instrumental as Tsyklon (the opening salvo of something I will call “Intergalactic Suite for Scoundrels and Sinners”). Sorry for the delays, but I really want this to be awesome and I’m not entirely happy with it yet.
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