CORE Eurorack Passive DI Module

Do you need to connect your Eurorack synth to a balanced audio Live or Recording rig? Find the solution with our Transformer-Based Passive DI module called CORE:

Tsyklon Labs Core Eurorack Module

CORE is a passive transformer coupled direct injection unit for connecting a Eurorack synth to the microphone/line levels in mixers and recording equipment as well as passing the Input signal directly to the Thru connection. CORE features a Sowter 8044 12:1 DI Transformer with a Mumetal core and an XLR connector from Neutrik. Signal Attenuator and Ground Lift controls (both pre-transformer) help you trim the signal as needed. While the audio portion of this module is passive, it can be connected to a Eurorack power supply to provide LED indication of Ground Lift mode – BLUE halo around the transformer for ground connected and a RED halo for ground lift.

While the audio circuitry of CORE is passive, if you connect CORE to your rack’s power supply for the backlighting/ground lift indication, expect that it will draw 4mA or less.

Technical Specifications:
     – 129.4mm (5.095″) Front Panel Height (3U Eurorack format)
     – 8HP Module Width
     – 35mm Module Depth
     – Passive Audio Path
     – Power Consumption: +12V = 0mA, -12V = 4mA, +5V = 0mA

Front panel graphics were designed by the inimitable Hannes Pasqualini @ Papernoise

Assembled modules retail for $220 USD.

Click HERE to see the CORE module at MODULARGrid and add it to your rack!