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This page has some handy information for Audio and Synth DIYers such as our Tsyklon Labs Eagle Library file, tools we use, and some links to other DIY pages and stores.

Eagle Library Files:
This Eagle library contains many devices that we regularly use, as well as a number of Russian Germanium components, and some Eurorack/1U components that we have customised to improve our R&D workflow.
tsyklon-labs.lbr     (Last Upload – 18 November 2017)
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Library Contents

SMD Soldering Tutorial Videos:
If you have not soldered Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) before, do yourself a favour and watch this video. After you have watched it, keep watching other videos from Collin Cunningham of Adafruit Industries. You will learn a lot!
Collin’s Lab – Surface Mount Soldering

This video from Dave Jones at EEVblog is also a great primer on SMD soldering.
EEVblog Episode 186 – Surface Mount Soldering

But what if you don’t know how to solder the bigger through hole components, let alone this teeny SMD stuff? Well, Dave and Collin have good videos to get you started with soldering:
EEVblog Episode 180 – Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools
EEVblog Episode 183 – Soldering Tutorial Part 2
Collin’s Lab: Soldering

Electronics Tools that I use for Audio and Synth DIY:
Wire Cutters – Hakko CHP-170-A
Wire Strippers – Ideal 45-121
Needle-nose Pliers – LN542
Small Philips/Slotted Screwdrivers – Husky HD-74501
Small Torx Screwdrivers – Husky HD-74502
Lead Forming Tool – Production Devices Model 801 and 901
Ribbon Cable Crimping Tool – YTH-214
Molex Style Pin Crimping Tool – Waldom Electronics W-HT-1919
Knurled Nut Tool – Xicon 382-0006 (You will need to file the teeth thinner for it to fit typical 3.5mm knurled nuts used in Eurorack) or Philmore NT500
6″ Adjustable Wrench – Crescent AC26VS
ESD Tweezers – Circuit Specialists Tweezer Set
Trimpot Adjusters – Circuit Specialists Trimmer Set
Misc Allen Wrenches – Neewer metric 4-pack
Small Deep Socket Set or Nut Drivers
SMD Ruler – Adafruit 1554
Tenths of an Inch Ruler – Fairgate
Metric Ruler – Shinwa

Oscilloscope – Rigol DS1054Z
Benchtop Power Supply – BK Precision Model 1671A
Audio Signal Generator (Bench) – Rigol DG1022Z
Audio Signal Generator (Portable) – BK Precision Model 3001
Multi-meter – Mastech MS8268
Semiconductor Tester – PEAK Atlas DCA Pro – Model DCA75
Soldering Station – Hakko FX-888D (I have the previous, non-digital model)
Module Tester – Mutable Instruments Eurorack Module Tester
Nixie Tube Tester – RetroTime Professional Nixie Tube Tester

Off-site DIY Resources:
Mouser Electronics
Tayda Electronics
Modular Addict
Hairball Audio
Drip Electronics
Collective Cases
Serpent Audio
Kenetek Pro Audio