Fascination Street – Work In Progress

I hesitate to even call this a rough mix as it’s not really even mixed (notice the big, smooshy, midrangey mess of 8 guitar tracks smeared across the stereo spectrum). the vocals are bone dry, so it won’t sound any more like me at any point in the process – from here on out i’ll be tweaking a few missed notes among eq-ing some heft to it. all the vocals are doubled, which means i sang everything twice and somehow managed to do it in time and tune with the first pass – it’s not a special effect of any kind. The first synth sound you hear at the start is my old vic 20 🙂 the left-right bouncy part in the verse is two gate guitar tracks, not a synth. Enjoy!
<end of transmission>

Fascination Street – not even close to mixed yet by Tsyklon