Patch Central

This page is how I’ve decided to pay it forward to other musicians, producers and sound designers – novice or experienced.  Music, especially electronic music, is full of discoveries.  What better way to keep the genre progressing than to share my discoveries in hopes that it can either inspire yours or give you a starting point for the next Eureka moment!  In the “good ole days” you cobbled synthesizer sounds by connecting the different modules together using cables called “patch cords” – though there are still plenty of modular synths (even virtual ones no less) in this day and age too.  Please feel free to dig through my Sound Design or Milo sets at SoundCloud for finished .WAV files, but take a look below for some of the patches I’ve created – they’re organized by VI (virtual instrument, or plug-in). Some files, like the Lemur layouts are text based files, so in order to make a clean download of it, be sure to do a “right-click, save as” instead of just clicking the link directly.

Circuit Abbey EuroDuino Sketches
Don’t know what this is? Check HERE first…
ClockDiv v0.4 Sketch
ClockDiv v0.4 Panel
ClockDiv v0.4 Manual and Change Log

Native-Instruments Massive

JazzMutant/Liine Lemur (these layouts work for both the original hardware Lemur or the iPad Lemur app)
livid_instruments_v1.jzml (CODE and CNTRLR)

Plug-in Presets
Waves REQ6 NYC Drums.xps (EQ for Parallel Compression Drum Sub)

DAW Sessions
Modular Synth using stock Pro Tools plugins Ptv10