Product Support

This page is a central location for finding user manuals, build documents and schematics, and firmware files for our Modular Synth, 500 Series, and Pedal products. NOTE: All of these types of documents for the PLITKA series are on the PLITKA product page.

Kosmodrom Core [14 September 2016]
Kosmodrom Chaos Divider HV [14 September 2016]
Kosmodrom CD Sputnik [14 September 2016]
Comrade Trace Trans-Siberia [14 September 2016]

Kosmodrom Chaos Divider HV v1.4.2 [2 July 2016]

BUILD DOCUMENTS with SCHEMATICS and BOMs [links to Mouser carts as well]
Kosmodrom Core v1.2 [3 August 2016]
Kosmodrom Chaos Divider HV v1.4 [5 November 2016]
Kosmodrom CD Sputnik v1.4 [6 August 2016]
Eurorack Cable Tester v1.6 [29 November 2016]

FIRMWARE FILES [for upgrading our Microcontroller based modules]
Firmware Update Instructions [24 July 2016]
Kosmodrom Chaos Divider Firmware v1.4.02 [18 July 2016]