Tsyklon Labs Outreach for October 2016

Happy October, Comrades! Let’s get this update rolling…

We still have three spots available for the Sacrament Edition Chaos Dividers. We had to change to a different front panel manufacturer, so that has been a delay for the expander panels, but for those who are paid in full, we are having some acrylic panels made so that you can get your modules before the final metal panels are finished. When we get the final panels, we will send them out along with some basic, yet hard to find tools to help you get the panels swapped out.

While wrapping up the Sacrament Chaos Dividers, we are also finishing up the production circuit boards for the Belka and Strelka Eurorack Fuzz Module. When they arrive, we’ll put one together and if everything checks out, we’ll get them to testers and get the rest of the modules into production.

We are also officially working on a new KOSMODROM Eurorack Module for next year, but we are not far enough along to show off too many details.

COMRADE Modules:
We are currently finishing off the front panel graphics for the first couple of modules. Most likely looking at Jan-Feb 2017 to make them available. Though they may be ready sooner.

PLITKA Modules:
The new front panels have arrived! A few tweaks on the individual circuit boards and we’ll be ready to release v2 into the world. We won’t be making complete modules for the PLITKA series anymore, just PCB/Front Panel sets. Though for modules like the LAIKA [special germanium transistors, diode, and led] and the BTN MASHR [arcade button] that have parts that are hard [or expensive] to find in single quantities, we will include those parts. Modules that have knobs will also have knobs included in the kits.

Other Project and Collaborations:
– Our Eurorack Cable tester PCBs are now in stock and available in our store.

– We are working on our first official Eurorack Module for Sacrament Instruments and Effects. The graphic design is nearly done and the layout of the controls is far enough along to begin designing the control PCB and wrap the first set of production PCBs. Sacrament is our collaboration with Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine and we are really excited to bring this module into the universe.

That’s all for now. Until next time, keep on wiggling!

<end of transmission>