Tsyklon Labs Outreach for September 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tsyklon Labs Outreach for September 2015.

First things first. We are currently at Knobcon 2015 in Chicago, IL, USA. (http://knobcon.com/)

This is our first year here and it is very exciting to see all sorts of new gear from manufacturers big and small. We are showing off the prototypes for our Kosmodrom Eurorack modules as well as introducing everyone to our PLITKA series of 1U tile modules. Heck, we even brought our very temperamental Polivoks.

Speaking of modules, here is an update on where we are with our new modules:
– We will be adding our first batch of our PLITKA 1U modules to the webstore at the end of September. Keep an eye on our Products page (http://tsyklon.com/plitka/) for final specs on these modules.

– The CORE Passive DI Module is ready for the big show. We have ordered production PCBs and will be set up to do the screen printing on the panels over the next couple of weeks. Looking at early October to add assembled modules to the webstore with kits following soon after.

– Belka and Strelka, and Chaos Divider are both in the final stages of testing the production prototypes. Once we are satisfied that the production PCBs are 100%, we will announce the timeline for release.

Also, to celebrate Knobcon, we are having a 20% off sale at the convention. But do not fret, we are also having a sale in our webstore at http://tsyklonlabs.storenvy.com/ – knobs, finishing kits, eurorack panels – yeah, everything! Just use code knobcon2015 at checkout. Coupon code is good through Monday evening, September 14, 2015.

Thanks again for your continued interest!

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