Tsyklon Labs Outreach for September 2017 – Knobcon 6!

Happy September, Comrades!

Though I haven’t sent anything out since March, there won’t be much to catch up on. Unfortunately, I have have had several large projects at my day job, so progress on Tsyklon Labs projects have stalled this summer.

Long and short, because of how close Knobcon 6 is to my wedding anniversary this year, I will not be attending. If you are going to Knobcon and you are looking to get some PLITKA kits, go visit our comrades at Modular Addict. They just stocked up on pretty much every PLITKA that we have available.

During the September-October lull in projects at work, I plan to wrap up the design on some new modules and getting them into production.

With regards to the Comrade DIY line, I have decided to rename it SOYUZ to better classify the build difficulty of the modules in that series. Also, since SOYUZ means “Union”, we can stretch the meaning to be “Assembly”. The “Service” modules will be basic, through-hole only components, easier to build, and utilitarian. The “Orbital” modules will still have through-hole components but be a little more difficult to build. But still have basic circuitry so that you take the next step in learning about electronics. Finally, the “Descent” modules will be the hardest to build of the series, with a mix of through-hole and large surface-mount devices. The circuits will be a little more complicated and geared towards intermediate Synth DIY builders. The “Descent” module will bring your Synth DIY experience full circle back to Earth.

That’s all for now – as always, thank you for all of your support.

Keep on wiggling (pokachivaniye), Comrades!

<end of transmission>